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Prof. Amin Elshorbagy is a Professor Emeritus of Hydrology and Water resources engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. Professor Elshorbagy is dedicated to innovation, teaching, training, development, and promotion in water resources engineering: Innovation of new approaches, techniques, and tools for numerical prediction and simulation of natural and human-made water resources/hydrologic systems; teaching undergraduate and graduate students the science of hydrology and the art of modeling; training highly qualified researchers in water resources/hydrologic engineering; and development and promotion of innovative sustainability-oriented solutions to various environmental engineering problems.


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Current research interests

  • Integrated water resources management; integrated modeling of socio-hydrological systems;
  • Systems approaches for modeling and analysis of water-energy-food (WEF) nexus;
  • Flood modeling and flood risk assessment;
  • Impacts of climate change on both water resources availability and urban hydrology;
  • Hydroinformatics: use of machine learning (ML) techniques (e.g., ANNs, GP, wavelet analysis) for environmental modeling & prediction;
  • Use of system dynamics in watershed modeling and management;
  • Statistical hydrology; including uncertainty analysis and risk-based analysis and design;


Amin Elshorbagy

(امين الشوربجى)


Ph.D., P.Eng.,
Professor Emeritus

Centre for Advanced Numerical Simulation (CANSIM)

Global Institute for Water Security

Department of Civil, Geological, & Environmental Engineering

University of Saskatchewan

57 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A9

Phone:(306) 966-5414
Fax:(306) 966-5205
E-mail:amin.elshorbagy AT